Topic: Life After Recorder 6 event

In conjunction with the East of England LERCs, a workshop event to approach this topic has been organised on Bedford for the 16th May, with the following agenda:

1000 Arrival, teas and coffees.

1030 Welcome and introductions (Chair)

1045 Database problems in Leicestershire and Rutland: the Cofnod Solution (Sue Timms of LRERC and Roy Tapping of Cofnod)

Sue will explain how using Recorder 6 in a county council was becoming untenable, whilst Roy will explain the solution that is currently being implemented based on Cofnod’s own database.

1145 Questions and discussion

1230 Lunch

Please bring your own or use local shops.

1330 Replicating Recorder 6 functionality with Indicia (John van Breda)

John will discuss how Indicia could offer a solution to LERC database needs and look at which R6 functionality it can and can’t replicate.

1415 Questions and discussions

1500 Tea and coffee break

1515 LERC Database wish list (Ian Carle of HERC)

The East of England LERCs, having looked at life after Recorder 6 already, will present their wish list for replacement software - “Recorder 7”.

1545 Discussion

1600 National Data Website Project (Fran Hitchinson of LERC)

1615 Discussion

1630 Home

There venue directions are here … directions

The venue if booked for 20 and there are 8 places left, so if you think this is an event you would like to come to, please let me know.


Tom Hunt - ALERC National Coordinator

Re: Life After Recorder 6 event

Hi Tom

Yes please, I'd like to attend (though not sure I can get there for 10am).


Andy Foy
Ecologist & IT consultant
Andy Foy Consulting (ex-HBIC)

Re: Life After Recorder 6 event

Hi Andy,

We'd love to have you, so please arrive when you can.

In case you or anyone else was wondering, it's free for attendees, but you will need to sort your own lunch out.  I think there are shops near by.


Tom Hunt - ALERC National Coordinator

Re: Life After Recorder 6 event

Hi Tom, sadly I can't make the event, but I am interested in the outcomes.

If possible could those of us unable to attend get access to minutes or similar?

I appreciate that this is a meeting for the East of England LERCs, but I am keen that, if we (ALERC as a whole) are collectively looking for a replacement for Rec6, we don't get caught up trying to achieve a carbon copy. We need to be thinking about a far more flexible system with an emphasis on data integration. That being said, I would not want to sacrifice the data structure offered by Recorder software. It captures a great deal of information and has excellent data validation.


Eric Fletcher
RECORD Manager

Re: Life After Recorder 6 event

Hi Eric,

The plan is to take a detailed record of the meeting and share that with the wider membership.  I would imagine that there will then be more events in the future, ideally driven by LERCs themselves, as this is.

Also, there will be time at the ALERC conference to report back too, so we can build on the conversation there.


Tom Hunt - ALERC National Coordinator

Re: Life After Recorder 6 event

Hope this went well. If possible could the record be shared with NFBR Council too please? (LERC NFBR council members include Simon Pickles and Maria Longley).

NFBR could perhaps represent the non-institutional users such as small recording schemes, county recorders etc. if needed in any discussions on this topic, if things did develop. While of course LERCs need to focus on database software that work for them, I can see many advantages for the recording community in continuing to have a widely used system that standardises records across the board in the way Recorder 6 does.

See this thread over on the NBN forum if you missed it. … 000#p27000

Teresa Frost
WeBS National Organiser, BTO. NFBR Council Member.

Re: Life After Recorder 6 event

Hi Teresa,

I can't see a problem with that.  One of the main actions to come out of the meeting was to form a working group for this topic, so I would have thought one of the tasks for that group would be to liaise with NSSs and other Recorder users.


Tom Hunt - ALERC National Coordinator

Re: Life After Recorder 6 event

Hi Teresa,

The benefits of having an effective biodiversity DBMS that would be of use to LERCs and other database managers/information providers was highlighted from an early stage, both within the initial discussions between East of England Forum members and guests, and at the wider event.

Thanks for the link to the Recorder 6 thread on the NBN forum. Mike Weideli kindly provided his comments to Tom and these were circulated prior to what was a really useful event. [As an aside it would be great to see other workshops on topics important to LERCs and others].

I'm sure Tom will be sharing the summary of the meeting soon.

Re: Life After Recorder 6 event

Thanks Teresa for mentioning small recording schemes and the continued value of Recorder 6 to them. The title of the conference was rather disturbing to them, as I mentioned a couple of times to ALERC officials at the NFBR conference so could I urge the ALERC working group to take these schemes into account. We're working at the other end of the scale here, trying to encourage small schemes to join in (they're holding on to a fair amount of designated species data) so positive language would be preferable.

Darwyn Sumner