Topic: NBN Conference - getting to the Lakeside Conference Centre

Thanks to all of you who have already booked to attend the Conference, bookings are coming on very nicely and it should be a great couple of days.

A few people have asked about hotels and getting to the venue and there is already a discussion on this Forum about hotels and a few suggestions have been made

In terms of getting to the venue, information can be found here:

There are buses that stop on the main road close to the Conference Centre, but this is still probably a 10 minute walk to the venue.  If there are a number of people arriving / departing at the same time, it may be worth you arranging taxis together.  The purpose of this post is to help bring you together, so that everyone knows when others are arriving into / departing from York station and you can make your own group arrangements.

Unfortunately, we can't make these arrangements for you, but we hope this is a helpful start point.

If you have any queries please respond to this post or contact us at [email protected]

Many thanks.

Re: NBN Conference - getting to the Lakeside Conference Centre

The train times and buses don't seem to link up - so I'll probably be looking to share a taxi on the Friday to and from the venue, but I haven't booked train tickets yet.

Charlie Barnes
Information Officer
Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership