Topic: Moving from Recorder 3.4 to R2K or V6

I'd like some idea of the amount of time people spent making the move from Recorder to either R2K or R6? I have to make some sort of assesment of the time required or over what period of time people needed to perform the conversion.
If you used a third party how long was it before you were using the new system? Those of you who may have done this more recently may give a more realistic view due to the changes in the software.
It would be useful for me so I can create a probable timetable and schedule the workload. Any rough estimates of cost would also be helpful. Better to go into these things informed, I'm not that good with surprises!

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Tony Price
Data Manager, Somerset Environmental Records Centre (SERC)

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Re: Moving from Recorder 3.4 to R2K or V6

I'd like to know this too. BIS is hoping to migrate to Recorder 6 and I'm going to a demo of Rec6 on Monday. I'd like to wait until the full first release, but I understand people already use it in a production environment (so I'm confused over it's beta status). If I pick up any info on past experiences with R2k => Rec6 I'll post them back here.

Just re-read your post. roll Sorry, I thought you mean R2K to Rec6. From my own experience we moved a couple of big Rec 3 DB's to R2K and it was a long process. Using the bulk loader utility, we spent quite a bit of time cleaning Rec3 up first. I'd estimate I spent a good couple of weeks on this.

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Re: Moving from Recorder 3.4 to R2K or V6

I've invited Sally Rankin and Mike Weideli to join this forum, so hopefully they should be able to share their expertise (they are data transfer gurus). Our transfer of about 500k records was quite a long and difficult process, but well worth doing in the end. It depends very much on how 'clean' the data is in R3 (it can get notoriously unclean, as I'm sure you're aware); everything needs cleaning up before it goes into 2K/6, so I think this is where the difficulties lie as Dave has already pointed out.

The transfer from 2K to 6 is relatively painless - I regularly carry out the process in order to update my local test version of 6 with our live dataset from 2K.


Re: Moving from Recorder 3.4 to R2K or V6

Mike Weideli, another Recorder 2002 Authorised Reseller, and I do data transfers from Recorder 3 to Recorder 2002. We have done about 30 to date so we have considerable experience of resolving the associated problems. I do the preparation in Recorder 3 then create the transfer files and Mike loads the data into Recorder 2002, although I sometimes do smaller transfers on my own. We have a scale of charges for this work based on the number of records in the Recorder 3 system.

If you could let me know how many records, sites, people and references are in your system I would be pleased prepare a quote for you. If users are not able to extract this information they can send me their Recorder system on a CD, i.e. the Recorder folder mentioned below, and I will extract what I need. To find these statistics in Recorder 3.3 you use Utilities - File information - File statistics, then select the table you want statistics for. The entry in the resulting table for Data (row 1) under 'Records' is the number of entries in the table. You need to do this for the Records, Sites, Personal and Literature tables.

Could you also check the version of the Recorder 3 system using Help - About. Versions of the old Recorder system are confusing because you have a version for Arev and a version for Recorder. Help - About gives the version of Recorder which is what I need to know. Virtually all the transfers Mike and I have done are from Recorder 3.3 or 3.4 to Recorder 2002 but we have done some from earlier versions of the system.

I would also like to know whether your system contains any habitat data on sites because this influences how we do the transfer. You can find this out using the following TCL (F5) command:


Re: Moving from Recorder 3.4 to R2K or V6

Hi Tony
I moved a 56000 record database from R3.4 to R2002 a couple of months ago.
I followed the guidlines ( a word document) from the NBN website, and it went OK.
The guidlines highlight cleaning procedures, etc  - and that part took me about a day to run all the checks.
I then did the import following the procedure outlined in the document and it happens in two stages - an export and an import.  The export from R3.4 took several hours (not sure how many as I left it overnight) then the import took 22 hours, but went smoothly.
I was not familiar with any of the things in the R3.4 database, and it did not have separate surveys within it..I took the decision to import them as a block and then split up surveys in R2002.  This took me about another day (working on it for only part of the timeover a couple of days) after import had suceeded.

Hope that helps