2 iRecord download formats

by clareblencowe

3 Badgers

by clareblencowe

6 NERC Datasets

by Tom

7 1970s Habitat Coding

by KBalmer

11 AditSite - end of life

by charlieb

12 Data flow visualisation

by clareblencowe

14 LRC Access to Planning Portal

by SteveGoddard

15 Find and LRC map

by Tom

18 Drupalgeddon

by Tom

20 NBN Record Cleaner Species

by Tony Price

21 Punch tape reading

by Louise Bacon

23 Network setup in LRC


25 Purchasing software

by EricFletcher

26 Ecosystems Services

by BDeed

27 Nature Data Blog

by TeresaF

28 Living Record

by JUllyett

31 Free Map Tools

by GrahamHawker

33 How to organise your documents

by Darwyn Sumner

34 Windows 7 (XP compatibility)

by Darwyn Sumner

35 Simple backup

by Darwyn Sumner

36 Flushing Memory?

by DaveSlade

39 Graphics Cards

by DaveSlade

40 Hand Held GPS for recording

by Kate Moss

41 Interesting podcast

by charlesroper

42 HP Printer

by DaveSlade

43 Conservation GeoPortal

by charlesroper

48 VC Grid-reference Problem

by SteveMcBill

49 PDA Recording

by charlesroper

50 Lat-Long and grid refs

by kitenet

51 NBN News article regarding LRCs

by charlesroper

52 Anti-spam measures

by charlesroper

55 Networking question

by DaveSlade

58 Travan 40 backup software

by DaveSlade

59 Free technical ebooks

by charlesroper

60 Using PDA's for Recording

by Graham Hawker

61 rECOrd website

by Luck

62 Ordnance Survey Licensing

by danjones

64 Website Guestbooks

by DaveSlade

66 Online live tetrad maps

by Dan Wrench

67 Intranets and Extranets

by charlesroper

68 Ordnance Survey website

by Lizzy Peat

69 Access databases

by kitenet

71 NBN Gateway thread moved

by charlesroper

72Moved: NBN Gateway

by richardA

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73 Access 2000 Reports

by NickMoyes

74 Quick thanks.

by davec