1 Ecological consultants records

by Richard.Harris.Sheffield

2 LERCs in UK

by Bob.Marsh.Doncaster

6 Customer feedback

by Paul.ERICNE

7 Website strategies?

by simon

8 NBN conference

by clareblencowe

10 Data flow through apps

by MariaLongley

11 Pollinators

by DaveSlade

17 O'Reilly data reports

by charlesroper

18 WildSurveys online


27 The Data Revolution

by charlesroper

28 GBIF vs Fauna Europea

by Darwyn Sumner

29 Open Data and INSPIRE follow-up

by charlesroper

30 Automated photo ID service

by charlesroper

36 Sussex Geodiversity

by charlesroper

37 Wildlife apps

by Elaine_SEWBReC

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46 The power of TV

by TeresaF

47 Open Data Survey

by Tom

48 Pro-Ams

by charlesroper

50 Natural History Podcasts

by charlesroper


by danjones

53 Ecosystems Knowledge Network

by mandy_rudd


by TeresaF

61 Archiving paper data

by charlieb

64 Mendeley Desktop

by Darwyn Sumner

65 ALERC Forum users

by Tom

67 Branding Biodiversity

by charlesroper

70 Statistical literacy guides

by charlesroper