As I think I have mentioned before, a result of the meeting in Bedford was to create an ALERC working group to look at LERC databases going into the future.  This group has been created and I will post the membership list of this group on the website soon, a long with the terms of reference.  The page that provides info on ALERC working groups is here http://www.alerc.org.uk/alerc-working-groups.html.

A letter has also gone to JNCC basically asking for information on what their plans are regarding Recorder 6.  Once we have received a response to this, I will post the letter and it's response on the website.



In case you haven't seen already, there is this webinar from a CIEEM introductory course for the Atlas, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fL7UpvDQkg8.  And there are also these how to videos on the NBN website https://nbnatlas.org/help/how-to-video-tutorials/.


In conjunction with the East of England LERCs, a workshop event to approach this topic has been organised on Bedford for the 16th May, with the following agenda:

1000 Arrival, teas and coffees.

1030 Welcome and introductions (Chair)

1045 Database problems in Leicestershire and Rutland: the Cofnod Solution (Sue Timms of LRERC and Roy Tapping of Cofnod)

Sue will explain how using Recorder 6 in a county council was becoming untenable, whilst Roy will explain the solution that is currently being implemented based on Cofnod’s own database.

1145 Questions and discussion

1230 Lunch

Please bring your own or use local shops.

1330 Replicating Recorder 6 functionality with Indicia (John van Breda)

John will discuss how Indicia could offer a solution to LERC database needs and look at which R6 functionality it can and can’t replicate.

1415 Questions and discussions

1500 Tea and coffee break

1515 LERC Database wish list (Ian Carle of HERC)

The East of England LERCs, having looked at life after Recorder 6 already, will present their wish list for replacement software - “Recorder 7”.

1545 Discussion

1600 National Data Website Project (Fran Hitchinson of LERC)

1615 Discussion

1630 Home

There venue directions are here http://www.trinityleisure.co.uk/contact … directions

The venue if booked for 20 and there are 8 places left, so if you think this is an event you would like to come to, please let me know.


The technical category has undergone some modifications in order to reflect recent developments.

The biggest change is to merge the Recorder and Mapmate forums into a single "LERC Databases" forum. This is because there isn't enough traffic to justify separate forums, and because it will allow for broader discussion on all sorts of databases used by LERCs, either now or going into the future.

Other changes are to rename the IHS forum "Green Infrastructure Mapping" to promote wider discussion on this topic, and to rename the NBN Gateway forum "NBN Atlases" to reflect the swtichover from the Gateway to the Atlases.